Websites that run like clockwork for Basel Area Swiss

Multi-website case study

Basel Area Business & Innovation is a non-profit agency dedicated to helping startups, institutions and companies find business success in the Basel Area of Switzerland.

  • Supporting multiple websites

  • UX research

  • Design and build of new features

  • Integrations

  • Front and back-end development

  • UX optimisation

  • SEO support

  • Annual reports

  • Website strategy

Catering to multiple audiences

Our collaboration with Basel Area Swiss presented an exciting challenge: to create a web presence that precisely tailored to the diverse needs of their audiences. Recognising the importance of providing distinct destinations for each demographic, we devised a sophisticated multi-site website infrastructure. This solution not only met the client’s demand for segmentation but also offered centralised management capabilities, streamlining administration.

Internally, efficiency was paramount. Basel Area Swiss required a platform that empowered their teams to effortlessly manage and update content. We ensured that content management became a seamless task, freeing up valuable resources.

Enhancing the user journey was a key objective for Basel Area Swiss, and our collaboration aimed to deliver just that. By crafting intuitive navigation and optimising the website’s layout and functionality, we elevated the overall user experience.

Multisite and micro sites:

An ongoing partnership

Our partnership extended beyond the initial launch phase. Integration of additional features and ongoing support continues to be integral in our partnership. As their needs evolved, so did their website, undergoing continuous optimisation following UX reviews.


page views


page views


page views

UP THERE, DIGITAL are a true expert at their craft and the smooth execution of this large project is a perfect display of that expertise. Thank you for encouraging us to go bold, stand out from the crowd, and transform the way we talk to our clients.

Isabelle Wymann

Digital Marketing Manager, Basel Area

Years supporting Basel Area:


What's next for Basel Area:

  • Website maintenance & support

  • Big move to dynamics for events content across all sites

  • Development and creation of new features and pages

  • User improvements based on recent user review

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