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What is UX design?

User experience (UX) is the overall experience a user has when interacting with a product, service, or system, such as a website or mobile application. Good UX design should create a positive and efficient experience for users, and help them find what they’re looking for.

UX Design focuses heavily on having a deep understanding of users. It’s developing an understanding of their needs, values, behaviour, abilities, and limitations. It also takes into account the business goals and objectives of the company.

5 reasons why you shouldn’t underestimate UX design:

1. Increases user satisfaction and retention

Good UX directly correlates with user satisfaction. Through understanding your customers, we can create an enjoyable, valuable, and intuitive experience, that meets or even exceeds their expectations. Satisfied users are more likely to come back as well as recommend you. And we all know that loyal customers = more sales.

2. Improves brand perception and trust

Brand perception is enhanced in the mind of a satisfied user. Positive interactions with your site feed brand loyalty, and in turn, sales.

3. Increase conversions

Creating an engaging user interface and smooth user journeys encourages users to interact with your site. This in turn helps achieve your conversion goals, e.g. email sign-ups, purchasing, or completing your contact form.

4. Competitive edge

A superior user experience will give you a significant competitive edge over your rivals. Businesses that invest in understanding their users’ online activities stand out with a more compelling offering. Users often prefer websites that are easier and more enjoyable to use.

73% of consumers will switch to a competitor after a bad experience.


5. Improved efficiency and lower costs  

Testing and validating designs and ideas early in the process will save time, money and improve efficiency. Wireframes and prototypes play an important role in the UX design process. During this phase we create user journeys and define page structure, it is also the best time to test usability with your users. This enables them to test the core aspects of the site at a point where it is quick and easy to make alterations and it is at this point we can ensure the website meets customer needs. This significantly reduces the risk of getting it wrong once your website is live, avoiding long and expensive edits. This approach promotes efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the website development process.

How can we help

We offer a range of services to ensure you provide the best user experience. Whether you are currently looking for an agency to create a new user-friendly website, want to improve your conversions, or just want to stay ahead of your competitors, we are here to help!

Our UX designers have years of experience in putting themselves in the position of the user for all types of sectors and services. We use various research methodologies, applications, and software to ensure your website meets your user’s needs.

View our UX & UI Design page to learn more about our offering.

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