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What does a Web Design Agency do?

We make beautiful websites, right? Well, yes, but there’s a whole lot more that goes into it than churning out the equivalent of what ‘Simon in sales’ reckons he can do on Wix in an hour.

Ok, so what can you expect from a Web Design agency?

Web Design agencies provide custom website solutions. Whether tweaking and refreshing an existing website or creating a brand-spanking one. We use our expertise to:

  • Identify the best content management system (CMS) to deliver the functionality you need and one your team will feel confident learning to manage. 
  • Make User Experience (UX) recommendations based on our many years of experience.
  • Understand what’s standing in the way of your lead generation
  • Analyse your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) rankings and make recommendations on the keywords, keyphrases, and content improvements that can be done to improve your performance.
  • Optimise your technical performance, such as page load speeds, bounce rates, and conversions, and ensure your Google Analytics is set up correctly.
  • Help identify your goals and how to achieve them!

In a nutshell, our web design team services can include:

  • Audit and strategy
  • User research
  • Content and SEO strategy/optimisation
  • Sitemap creation
  • UX, UI design and responsive design
  • Front and back end build
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Content creation & population
  • QAT and UAT testing
  • APIs and Integrations
  • Support and maintenance
  • Digital marketing campaigns

Let’s dive a little deeper:

Why work with a website design and development agency?

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Working with a web design agency gives you access to designers who understand the importance of user interface (UI) and UX. They will make sure that your website not only looks great, but that it’s also easy to navigate. It’s for this reason we often conduct UX reviews at the start of a project to understand how users interact with your current website. This will inform design decisions when updating or creating an entirely new website.

That means no more second-guessing layouts or whether that form is just a little too long… or conversely if you have enough content. Coupled with our digital marketing strategists, we can help you identify, achieve, and consistently smash your online goals, month after month.

Our team will also ensure your branding is consistent across your digital assets. This extends beyond your website, including creating templates for your email marketing automation program, and social media. You must make a consistent statement about who you are at every touchpoint.

Developers can also provide invaluable recommendations on the right platform, functionality or fix so that you can rest easy knowing that you are choosing the most cost-effective solution for your business goals. The options are endless with the right technical know-how. We make your website as simple or as customisable as you want.

First things first: audit and strategy

The foundation of every successful digital project (web or otherwise) is a comprehensive plan and strategy. This often involves defining your business goals, auditing your existing site and competitors, researching your audience, and creating style guides. 

There isn’t much point in building a website if you have no idea what you want to achieve, where you are in your industry, or who you want to attract. But fear not! That’s what this stage of the project is all about. With hundreds of websites designed, developed, and optimised, over the years, the experience of our web team is unrivalled. This isn’t our first rodeo!

From eCommerce superstars to life science heroes, you can rest easy that we’ve more than likely worked on something similar with transferable knowledge you can trust AND benefit from.

Want specific examples of our work? Check out:

What is the right eCommerce Solution for my business?

We know that all of the choices can be overwhelming. That’s why we created a handy guide to help with your initial thoughts about choosing the right eCommerce platform. There’s no one-size-fits-all for eCommerce solutions to meet your business needs. We’ll get to know you and what functionality you need, only then will we recommend the best CMS for you.

Whether you are looking for a platform that is more off the shelf with Shopify or something more custom on WooCommerce, our web design agency will navigate integrating payment gateways, shopping carts, and other eCommerce functionalities.

The process can look like:

#1 SEO: All eyes on your website

So now you have a great website, what’s next?

A bonus of utilising a web design agency is that they often have a marketing team ready to elevate and finesse your SEO efforts. This means we’ll help your website rank for the right keywords and search terms on Google. It’s all about connecting your website with the right audience. Helping to ensure that their search queries are solved by your website results

This involves:

  • Keyword research
  • Optimising your meta and on-site content
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Adding alt text to images 
  • Generating backlinks 

It’s a cycle of course, as web design is also an important part of SEO. There are best practice technical aspects that are vital to making sure you’re ranking on search engines. UX contributes to how long a user will stay on a webpage. If your website is difficult to navigate and doesn’t seem relevant to their search or intent, their time on your page will be short. Google will look at this negatively, determining that the page is not relevant to these searches and placing it in a lower-ranking position.

#2 Testing and Support

With a web design agency on your team, you can rest easy knowing that the experts have meticulously tested and finalised everything before launch. We go through everything with a fine tooth comb. We make sure everything works as it should before launching so you can focus on your growing to-do list!

Even after the launch of your website, you can still reap the rewards of having an agency partnership by taking advantage of ongoing technical support and maintenance. For us, just because the website has launched, doesn’t mean we abandon you (unless that’s what you want, of course!). We help by keeping our fingers on the pulse of your website, analysing, optimising, and generally helping keep it in great shape long after launch.

#3 Digital Marketing

While it is common for web design agencies to offer some form of digital marketing, it is rare that web agencies also specialise in it. Our agency is a one-stop shop for website and digital marketing services. Saving you time and money by having one resource to call upon. Along with SEO, we also offer paid media such as Google and social media ads, putting your business in front of the right people.

In summary, what are the benefits of hiring a web design agency?

  • Expertise and experience – The ability to leverage the knowledge of professional designers and developers to make your website the envy of your competitors.
  • Time and money – Save your time and money with a dedicated team to push your web project forward. Removing the need for constant fixes or updates to your existing site.
  • Ongoing support – A team with the knowledge to quickly and effectively respond to your needs.
  • Marketing services – Skip the small talk that comes with onboarding a new resource to learn about your business. Seamlessly executing your marketing plans with our existing knowledge.

What our clients say

"UP is a true expert at their craft and the smooth execution of this large project is a perfect display of that expertise. Thank you for encouraging us to go bold, stand out from the crowd, and transform the way we talk to our clients."

Carol Houts

Chief Strategy Officer, Germfree

"Working with UP THERE, DIGITAL on our websites has been an absolute delight. Their support team is super friendly and incredibly dedicated to ensuring our online presence thrives. I appreciate the level of personal involvement and interaction they bring to the table."

Isabelle Wymann

Digital Marketing Manager, Basel Area

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